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Size Guide

We accurately measure all our hand-made bigcatwalk large size shoes to give you a good fit, so make sure you accurately measure your own feet too!

We make Women's and ladies shoes in large sizes European size 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46 (approx size 9 UK, size 10 UK, size 11 UK and size 12 Uk) (approx size 10 USA, size 11 USA , size 12 USA, size 13 USa and size 14 USA). These can sometimes run to a slight actual size variation. For example with some flat shoe styles a size 9UK may fit more like a size 9.5 UK

Therefore, we accurately measure and test each small sized shoe we sell to check that the manufacturer's sizing is `true` to Uk and European and USA sizing.

If a shoe runs slightly large or small in any size we will let you know, and indicate by how many millimeters it varies and what the `true` UK, USA or European size may be.

Therefore it is also a good idea to measure your own actual foot size so that you can use our small size shoe chart to get a clear idea of what size your own feet are on the scale.

When measuring your own feet, all you have to do is place both of them flat (with shoes off) on a piece of paper on the floor and draw around each one. Then measure the drawings from heel to the longest toe as indicted on our diagram.

That's it!

Then compare your results to see what size you will be on our chart and size selection tabs on the product pages.

Please see our measurements table for our large sized ladies shoe fitting guide.

Approximate measurements for our small shoe sizes are:-

Size European 42 (UK 8) USA 10
Internal length heel to toe: c.270 mm

Size European 43 (UK 9) USA 11
Internal length heel to toe: c.275 mm

Size European 44 (UK 10) USA 12
Internal length heel to toe: c.280 mm

Size European 45 (UK 11) USA 13
Internal length heel to toe: c.285 mm

Size European 46 (UK 12) USA 14
Internal length heel to toe: c.290 mm

shoe care recommend treating suede & nubuck style finishes with an appropriate protector before wear.
A suede brush will also help to keep the nap raised & suede effects looking as new as possible.

If your shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper and dry naturally, away from a direct heat source.
This will help prevent the outer materials drying out and cracking.

Unless otherwise stated, trainers and canvas shoes are not made to go in the washing machine. If they get dirty, let them dry and remove excess dirt with a clean brush or cloth.

For heeled products, check top pieces heel tips regularly & when they start to wear down take to a good shoe repair shop and have them replaced to avoid slipping or causing damage to your shoes.

When purchasing products from please remember that it is an exclusive, low production run item and therefore it is likely that you may see some slight variation between pairs in terms of colour and finishes.

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